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The world of motorsport is not only a sport it is an industry that turns over billions of dollars globally each year. The community ranges from the extreme amateur to the most professional teams spending millions of dollars to gain 10ths of seconds.

This industry needs a professional firm which again recognises that the activities of a motorsport team have evolved in the last 50 years. The needs and demands of the sport are such that very specialised equipment is required and that equipment insurance coverage cannot be left to chance with a standard off the shelf offering.

Many insurers have little concept of the environment of a race weekend nor the logistics of moving the team and its car or cars from the workshop to the track, and more importantly the operations on track and off track of workers and drivers.

Acuity has placed covers across a broad range of participants in motorsport from Chassis constructors to teams and individuals

  • Public and Products Liability
  • On track damage
  • Transporter Covers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Equipment and tools