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Who We Are

An Insurance Broking and Risk advisory firm offering a broad range of services

Acuity was established to leverage the very specific skillset of its directors and realise a vision for Insurance Broking and Risk Advisory Services which could be delivered to clients of all sizes and types.

The firm focusses its efforts on working with clients as partners. We focus on developing a trusted advisor relationship with your clients recognising that trust is hard won and easily lost.

We believe that an insurance broker is an advocate for its clients. We do not use “one size or type fits all” arrangements. Every business is different and therefore needs to have its risks considered specifically and appropriately to its risk profile and needs.

The skill of a good broker is knowing not only what the business does and the risks inherent, but also the attitude of insurers to those risks. Knowing how an insurer thinks about risk is the key to placing covers of the broadest cover available and at the most competitively priced levels available. Understanding the insurer’s appetite also allows Acuity to place covers where others have failed. The careers of the directors at Acuity have been rich in examples of covers placed on difficult risks and Acuity prides itself in continuing that record. Those personal skills have been brought to this firm and remain a key differentiator to our competition.

Price is the last measure by which the value of insurance product should be measured.

Acuity does not use its client’s business as a block to leverage insurers into providing more commission while doing less to place cover. We don’t believe that arrangements where each risk below a premium level is directed to a facility with one insurer on a fixed wording and then reported back as having been marketed is professional. Our belief is that this is not advocating for the interests of each client but rather taking a taking lazy approach to broking and doing the client a disservice.

Our Mission

We believe in maintaining integrity and professionalism with our clients. We strive to be the partner of choice for customers, insurance carriers and employees looking for long-term relationships built on a foundation of trust. Sustainable and Competitive insurance for clients. Sustainable and fair deals with insurers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to set the high standard of excellence among insurance brokers by being innovative, sound, trustworthy and professional thereby surpassing client expectations. We will be known to attract and retain only the best staff and business partners to facilitate our achievement of this business.

What Makes Us Unique

Being a boutique firm means that we have a wide range of experience which has been gained over a significant period of time in business. It also means that we are careful about how we deploy our resources for the tasks we undertake on behalf of our clients. Agility and simple cost structures are the benefits of a boutique firm.

Acuity also brings a wealth of corporate broking and risk management experience and skills. These skills have been acquired and honed over many years with some of Australia’s largest companies and professional firms.

The firm has specialty in the following areas

  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Management Liability
  • Managed Investments cover (including Private Equity firms)
  • Motorsports Insurance
  • Financial Institutions cover of all types and complexity of covers.

The key to these skills is not just the ability to beat the price of the competition but to know that a product is superior to another and advise our clients why they should be buying this cover.

Customer Service
Effective & Efficient Claims
Risk Interpretation
Exceptional Analytics
Unsurpassed Experience


Derek Wickett

Derek Wickett

Partner and Director in charge of Business Development for new firm in Mid Market and Corporate Sector to provide Risk Advisory and Insurance Broking services focused the clients needs.