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For over a decade Derek has provided me, and the companies for which I’ve worked, outstanding customer service. His insights and knowledge about the workings of the insurance industry have helped me improve my risk management strategies and thereby drive down insurance premiums. His dry, candid approach never fails to make dealing with Derek something I look forward to...and you can’t say that about many insurance peeps!

Michelle Delebet

Acuity helps Automotive Performance Solutions find affordable insurance policies for its rare and specialty vehicles and makes a usually difficult process effortless. Acuity is a fantastic insurance broker, provides awesome service and excellent value.

Duncan Murray

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Expert Advisory

Contact our specialist advisers to get quick insurance program estimation and advise on plan selection.

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We do our best to give the most reliable support to all clients.

Claim Services

We follow up in the interest of every one of our customers and work with backup plans to ensure your claim is handled fairly and swiftly.

Our Values

We are customer-driven professional who believes in being caring, agile, trustworthy, fair and above all passionate.